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Warehouse Design

The warehouse design module (named whousedesign in Python package) is responsible for designing and creating a warehouse based on the specified type. Tables arc, node, and slot in the WODS can be filled with the output of this module. The following functions can be utilized to create a different type of design based on the user preferences. Alongside the coded functions for this task, we tested the ability of WODS by manually populating the table rather than using computer programming.

As a sample, 3 sets of data are attached to this page. Each of these data sets represents a specific design for warehouse (two stories, forward/reserve, and 2by1). Each of these designs is a modified version of 2by1 warehouse created by and later manipulated manually.



Sample Designs in WODS

Two Stories warehouse sample data set


Forward/Reserve warehouse sample data set


2by1 warehouse sample data set