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Generally accepted data structures and predefined paradigms such as geographic information system (GIS) in research domains enhance researchers experience and efficiency by providing defined data structures and file formats. Warehousing and related topics are one of the most studied areas in supply chain with no predefined standards or data structures when it comes to developing warehouse operation related programs and codes. In this web site and the associated paper we propose WODS, a new data structure that integrates, stores, edits, analyzes, and displays data related to all aspects of warehouse modeling and development. We also developed a set of tools to test WODS which can also play as a starting point that facilitates the process of modeling a warehouse operation program.

The developed paradigm could have a significant impact on the broader research community. Having a standard data structure for modeling picking warehouses facilitates the sharing of order picking-related research results, code, and example models and greatly simplifies the independent verification of research results. Further, the sample software tools significantly reduce the amount of time required new researchers need for getting familiar and become productive and ultimately leads to commercial code based on the research results. By providing the source code, models, and examples at this dedicated web site that supports user interaction (comments, general discussion, uploading of code revisions and additional example models), the time required for community acceptance and embrace will be shortened.